Date(s) - 29/10/2018
20 h 15 min - 21 h 45 min

La Menuiserie

During the open-space session, we will focus on what is present within us, using a body warm-up and then progressing on to a theme. This might simply be the way we are adapting to changes in the season or we may otherwise want to work more deeply and discover what the underlying collective needs to express in a given moment. I’ll be using pure dance therapy models such as circle work and authentic movement to to enable individuals to work with a process that enables healing to take place within the group as a whole. One of the aims for the group session is finding solutions to problems we’re holding on to and supporting each other as a group, or perhaps individuals are facing conflicts and simply looking to make their voices and visions clearer. Finally to close the session we’ll end with a group resolution.